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10:37 PM: A reminder

And just like that- the gun at the start line has been fired and I’m off. Another semester of college has begun. I’ll embark on adventures in the following classes- Advanced News Reporting, Editing, American Literature of the 1920’s and Nanoscience (that last one is a requirement- help). These classes will push me along in the race. But I ask myself, where is the finish line? Or am I simply running a never ending marathon, the mileage just increasing with each passing day? No matter our profession, I think this is a commonality we have all recognized in our lives. This is the fortune in the phrase “live to work,” which I find myself so grateful to feel each day.

Many too a time I am awake in the early hours of the morning. Pondering my next move. Worrying about something I may have missed. Or simply enthralled with the possibility of things I have not yet done. My wheels are turning and something mysterious vibrates in my soul. These aren’t things I thought about before. Before I found my “thing.” That one thing that just does it for me. The blood that runs through my veins. Words. So many words. I cannot keep track, but for that, I am curious and will forever be in love.

Ever since I took on journalism as my life, I find my mind constantly on fire. It’s always blazing, always awake. I can never just “be.” I am always thinking. So right now, I am taking a minute to remind myself that sometimes, writing for myself is okay. In fact, it’s how I started. For years and years, all I wrote about was myself and my environment. As I find myself on the brink of applying to seven summer internships, many of which fall under my “dream” category,” I must remind myself that it’s not ALWAYS about forward progress. Sometimes, it really is okay to just be.

While I venerate and love the constant live stream that is journalism, in the midst of the chaos, sometimes journalists need a reminder. Take a minute to breathe in your own life; to write for yourself. A professor of mine gave me this reminder when her New Year’s resolution was to write one essay per week, to keep her personal journaling alive.

On this night, simultaneously, I marvel at what the future holds for my career but desperately want to stay awakened by the present moment.


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